Thursday, June 17, 2010

Love Rain.. i love it..

Currently, every evening.. my hometown will be raining..
i think it will be suitable for me to dedicates "Love Rain - Kim Tae Woo"
to all the viewers..
the melody so nice..
Enjoy the music everyone..!! ^^

i fell in love with this song when i saw it in tv..
i feel amazed with the voice, melody and his performance..

What going on yesterday to me?

Hello again...
what im going to tell is....
well.. 2 day ago is my day..
then yesterday is my worst day..
its big situation to me..


but it already settle..

thanks to Elie..
help me in the moment i can not think rationally(i'm in angry mood)..
i usually dont have any worry..
"no need to worried, rilex sudah.." (no need to worried, just relax)

but, the situation really make pissed off..
its make my feel arrgghh.. sick..
i really dont like those feeling..
feeling annoyed every time i think about it..

then, i flashed back after Elie said a words to me..

its true..
i be friend with him because of him..
then, later i getting to know a new guy and introduce to him..
at the beginning, it seem okey..

then, yesterday, the situation really uncontrollable..
new guy's friend really over the board..
i feel that new guy's friend take advantage on him..

and i take action (follow what Elie say..)
i give him a message.. to clear it up..
i never knew it would be like that...
im the one feel (angry, disappointing) for him..
but he opposite with me..
he reply my message..
He say its okey.. although he know what going on.
I really respect him..
Im glad that he feel the same as mine..

what happen to new guy??
erm.. i did not know..
it seem he getting forgetting about me..
hahaha... i dont really mind..
the situation really make me think..
my friendship with him
and his attitude toward me..
i think.. erm.. its better for me to let him go (to&with) his friends..

its GOOD for my heartbeat...

P/S: The musics related on my blog??
thanks my little sister.. cheer me up with super junior song "Happiness"
yes, it make me smile.
RSVP? because i like it..
i really dont want what happen yesterday.. happen again..
Forgive and forget my mistakes..
Same goes to me.. ^^

Too ALL My friends.. I Love You All..
Friendship forever...

Thanks little sis..

Ohayou minna!!!

something change here...
its my new page(blog templates)..
n thanks to my little sister Shafiqa..
Nice its it??? ^^

the templates my sis pick was 2 day ago..
i say i kinda bored with the old one..
then she happily say, that she want to choose the template..
i? im fine with it..
mine belonging is her belonging, but her belonging will be her belonging..
but who care.. most important, she happy.. :)
i loves my sis...
there are 2 option either this one and other one..
but i choose this one..
i really need rest for my heartbeat...

today (17/6/2010)
im n my sister go to ipoh...
what movie?
i did not know yet..
just go through..
i dont what movie will be watch..
just follow my sis..
if she want to see that movie..
go see that movie.. :)

i hope, my sis will enjoy today..
who will pay ALL the expenses??
haizz... that will be ME..
because im sure she will say..
"kak ngah kan KAKAK" ( you are my Big Sister)
i already memorized that line every time when i want she pay something..
in the end, i pay it all...
am i too spoiled my little sis?

P/s: Kak ngah sayang adik.. ( i love u sis)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Special RSVP: Thank You Ray Mak

Salam and very good morning..

it seem that i cant sleep at all...
Guess what??
today is really... really... lucky day for me...

Last midnight, i was watching super junior mini drama with my sister..
seriously, their drama make me non stop from laughing..
then, in the middle watching the drama,
i just wanna have a little peek on my facebook
(without any intention making post there)..

i saw........
Ray mak send me a notification..
He play my favorite song! RSVP- maulana..!!! ^^
it make me so happy today..
because, i really hope that song in piano..
and some efforts or action that i make are
asking ray mak, asking asri and lastly maulana of course!

it just....
i did not expect that ray will play it so soon..
because i know..
he has many requests over the world..
he play RSVP song make me moved so much..
suddenly i become speechless...

still i wanna say TERIMA KASIH Ray Mak..!!
may god bless u and i hope u success in your new career...

Click here to watch