Thursday, May 27, 2010

Special N3: Akademi Fantasia's world..

Today N3 bout all my frens that involve in entertaiment esp. Akademi Fantasia..
Congratz n keep it up.. ^^

I start from AF7,,
Amim AF7
Abdul Hamim Hj Suleiman
Not very long meeting,
but its nice to know u amim..
Ganbatte Amim.. :)

Next with the Winner Of Akademi Fantasia 8
Shahir AF8
Ahmad Shahir Zawawi
Congratz to u shahir...
(ex-schoolmate, n living near neighborhood) Lolz.. hahaha...

just now i talk to a fren that become a model in adira af8 video clip..
wahh.. that good.. its not easy to be in video clip..
im happy for u too..(Asri)
u should proud for urself asri... ^^ hihihi...
In the video clip time 00:27

Im wishing u all the best.. :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thanks Ray Mak..

Im so happy bcoz, Ray Mak reply my msg in fb..
im a big fan of him..
Who is Ray Mak?
Ray Mak is the piano player that i really admire...
He is very talented!
U guys should check out bout him...

i follow him quite long time ago..
but, right now i have courage to add him..
i feel so small.. many assumption in my mind..

But actually, everything okey..
i never tot he would reply my msg..
i feel so happy..
Im maybe not very good yet, but i try to be better in future!!
i do my best!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

RSVP - Maulana

Kali pertama ku melihat hati sudah rasa terpikat
Bila kau membalas senyuman
Ku berkhayalan…
Kita berdua jatuh cinta
Kau milikku dan ku kau punya

Tapi di dalam realiti belum pasti
Ku pinta kau répondez s’il vous plaît
Jangan biar ku fikir ku bertepuk sebelah tangan
Ku rayu kau répondez s’il vous plaît
Agar dapat berakhir angan yang mengganggu fikiran

Dah tak mampu berselindung lagi
Cinta yang lahir dalam hati
Aku tahu kau juga mahu tetapi malu
Andainya benar katakanlah agar dapat mengorak langkah

Bila ku ketuk pintu hatimu
Izinku masuk
Luahkanlah ku perlu tahu
Luahkanlah isi hatimu

Lagu: Edry Abd Halim (KRU Publishing)
Lirik: Edry Abd Halim (KRU Publishing)

I really love this song...

Jazz is my soul.. hahaha...

The rhythm so nice..

P/s : asking a friend for the sheet (piano)... hope she will help me by asking her friend related to KRU Music)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New plans on this week..

The new plan..
Previous days, im the one waiting for my frenz..

For this plan, im the one picking up my fren..
im asking a fren of mine going out...

On this plan..
not only both of us..
my mom also coming along.. ^^

the destination already set..
just waiting the decision on what day
that a fren of mine have free time.......

To a fren of mine...
im looking forward for this outing.. ^^

Happy Birthday Farah Waheeda!!

Today is Farah Waheeda Idris's birthday!!!
Happy birthday Farah... ^^
May God bless u..
Wishing u all the best...

Update for my Outing [3 days]

well... last time i say im going out right?
not all progress according to plan...

on Tuesday [18/5/10]
Elyn came to my house with her bf and her bf's frenz..
however, her parent cant come due to work.. suddenly get on call...
but its okey...
Elyn n her frenz coming kinda late becoz on that day,
the weather very bad...
im glad they okey coming here...
the menu just simple...
"Bihun sup' coz they came late evening... ^^

Wednesday [19/5/10]
Elyn already told me that we all maybe cant hang out on that day..
bcoz her bf prepare for practical..
and they promise after we all have free time again..
we going out together... ^^
since its cancel..
im helping my mom at garden.. ^^

Thursday [20/5/10]
on that day i hang out with my bff...
hihihi... i ask nadz come to pick me up...
seriously im kinda lazy to drive on this "semester break'
but in the end, nadz come to my house, but im the one who drive...^^
i dont mind that...
i felt grateful nadz came all the way to my house...
then, we going to meet syaza at pizza hut..
we hang out there until late evening..
but that not our last meeting..
our next meeting will be next 2 weeks
after nadz coming back to Kampar

what make me wonders is
Why the day i going out meeting my frenz, it must be a raining day?
Only God knows..

P/s : im so happy... thank you to my frenz and specially to my mom and dad..
Love them all... XOXO

Monday, May 17, 2010

Addiction when i cant stop!!!

Seriously.. i dont want to be addiction person..
what to do..
last time im a addicted gamerz..
then i become addicted editer..
now.. im find "it" as interesting...
am i addicted by it?.. idk yet..

What was it im talking bout?
just wait and see..
bcoz i did not started it yet..
just know whole about it..

i will be busy this week..
so, i did not hv any idea for it at the moment...
i will let u all know later on..
after make it complete...

not an item (non-tangible)
its using a software of coz..
a blog? becoming a blog addiction? no..
a what more?

p/s: not a new stuff..
ppl may noe or dont about it..
whose know..
even COSPLAY not all ppl know bout it..
so, its actually depend on u all..
do u noe bout it or not..

just wait and see okey! ^^

news on me.. :)

its been a while since i posting my n3..
1 whole day i cant logon my blog..
bcoz i totally FORGET whatz my email...
im glad that i can access now.. just remember it...

my heart going thump.. thump...
thinking y i cant even remember a tinny single email...!!
i take note from now on...
every time i do somthing new..
i will write it down...

so.. whatz new news on me?
after taking the exam.. i drive back home on 8/5/2010
everything goes well..
i arrive safe n sound...
within these days...
im busy with house chores..

not to forget.. thanks nadz visiting me...
p/s: nadz also gift me present... Thank you nadz!

kinda funny, everytime nadz come to see me..
i was doing my house chores..
its nothing to do with any event... (somebody coming?? no..)
just cleaning the house.. after 6 month away from home.. ^^
back to the story...
nadz coming without any notice..
y...? i dont noe...
mayb ppl love give surprise?

not only nadz..
before nadz, elyn also wanna come...
elyn already at the town.. (i am surprised!!)
elyn cant contact with me due to my cell phone plugged with my laptop..
not activated..
right after im done transfer the data...
i called her back.. (we didint meet after all)
and make decision to came back on this Wednesday...
however, on this tuesday, elyn will be coming with ker family and her bf and her bf's frenz..
omg... kinda nerves for this tuesday..

so, this week im totally busy..
this morning i gonna paint back the grill and the gate with white color..
my mom wanna change the color even the current color still new...
but, its okey with me..
ppl say.. white is clean and pure... (thats y my mom wanna change the color)
thats my work for today...

tomorrow(tuesday)... elyn and her family will be coming..
of coz gonna be a feast..
the menu? stil thinking.. coz today elyn will let me know when their will be arrive.

a day after(wednesday)
i will go outing!!!
with whom? again with elyn and her bf of coz? are we just three? idk..
there still 2 empty seat left.. i wonder..
who else they taking too... but its does not matter..
im looking forward for this outing..
shopping? yes! i wanna give something for my frenz... ^^

then on (thuesday)
i will go visiting my bff (syaza)..
im going with nadz..
we hamg out at her house of coz..
no detail yet bout the outing..

well.. this n3 kinda a bit long..
hahaha.. to mamy things i want to say..
by the way.. i still waiting elie to come..
even i noe that she already hv a plan for her holiday..
just hoping that she will stop by at my house... ^^