Sunday, March 28, 2010

i have been given MC for 3 days!

Totally i dont know what happen to me!
how come i get sick?
n got MC 3 days?
my condition kinda worst..
on 4th day, i still did not get fully back my voice back..
my voice like rocker singer..
seriously.. the next day i have test..
OMG.. i cant perform it..
all 3 days i laying down on bed..
take medicine n sleep all the time...

now, Test 2 already ended..
result, i can guess it..

but, i know, it must hv a reason y im sick..
i on the that 3th day..
i realize..
Thanks God
i know, i was missing something all this while...
now, im getting back on the right track...
May Allah s.w.t bless me...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Last Saturday enjoy.. the following days stress??

Last saturday, i really enjoy my time..
thanks my frenz coz inviting me..
its really nice of u..

even its a little time we spend there..
i really happy..
its been a while i did not go outing..

starting tomorrow i gonna be busy with a lot of assignments, presentations, tests..
all in one..
huhuhu.. i hope i will manage it successfully

p/s : i hope i can finish the tasks quickly..

My classmates BMB4L1

seriously, i addicted taking pictures and edit it recently..
here some editing picture i did..
this picture taken by a friend..
this picture is not our official picture for class..
i change motto a little bit from the real one..
i hope all my classmate happy with it..
btw, not all my classmate here..
more than 5 people not in this picture..
anyway.. i like this picture!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Presentation IA Week 2 (ending)

Greeting everyone... :3

4 this N3, my group presentation for IA already ended a few days ago.

Firstly, i grateful to Allah SWT, coz making our presentation smooth..

Second, thanks to ALL group member!
U all r THE BEST!
Making our group the great one!
Third, i also wanna thanks to Puan Rab coz giving high marks to our group so far..

Lastly, thanks to all our classmate coz supporting us !

Im hoping that our group will get that 40 marks..
Thats marks already reserve for us by Pn. Rab..!

Btw, thanks u all!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Today is the last day for preparation..

this pics that i snap.. laugh, serious, all in 1

in this picture, cyapiq is still in KL, otw back here..

tonite is the last preparation..
even its not my turn to present..
im still nerves!
i hope everything well be orite..
Ganbatte my frenz!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Done edit the pic..

At last, i done editing this picture..
All of us here.. In MD class...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Great day on our presentation... week 1

All in white... i like this picture because im the one took this picture.. :3 hihihi... gonna edit this pic!

Greeting everyone...
its been awhile..
today, i have presentation with my group members on Investment analysis...
-cyapiq, hadie, dean, tad, farahin, iema, asmira, anis, n kak farah-
thanks to Syafiq, upload the pictures..
its a relief, that week 1, we go through quite well...
everyone happy bout it, including me.. :3
in this picture, 2 member are missing, the one who in-charge on slide (behind laptop-asmira) and camera (taking picture-dean)..
credit to both them too...
tomorrow and and continuous day, we will meet again for week 2 presentation..
i hope we can make much more better than today...
Ganbatte everyone..!!!